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Your Passion To Your People
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HeartCast is a media production & marketing company based in Toronto, connected worldwide.

We create digital content alongside aligned co-visioneers to help jumpstart a future we are all creating.
Want to get your message felt at the right time by the right people? 

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The King of Snapchat, DJ Khaled


HeartCasts's D.A. Cooper was invited into the life of DJ Khaled with DOLCE Magazine. Music mogul and multi-platinum, award-winning artist DJ Khaled raps about his family, his gratitude, appreciation and spiritual connection to God, his dynamic relationship with his fans and his celebrated collaborations with music icons such as Drake, Rihanna, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

James Goldstein “Mr. L.A.” - The Eccentric Millionaire & Style Icon



HeartCasts's D.A. Cooper traveled to the City of Angels for an exclusive video with the mysterious James Goldstein with DOLCE Magazine. Owner of the Hollywood famed Sheats Residence and his own nightclub, "Club James", under his infinity tennis court overlooking LA, he is the type of man who must be seen to be believed.

Do It In The Road: 
Hillside Festival 


Do It In The Road is a music video series all about those magic musical moments. The only-once ones. Those places and times where songs were sung for small audiences in unexpected places, and touched hearts and formed forever-lasting memories.

Recipes of the Diaspora



Recipes of the Diaspora takes you on a journey from North America to Cuba, India to Dagestan, Zimbabwe to Yemen to meet 6 diverse Jewish families around the world and watch them prepare for and sit Shabbat dinner. Intimate conversations and moments of everyday life are interwoven with traditions around food as the film examines how the same core Shabbat customs take on different spices and flavors around the world. A story reflecting the resilience of mankind, we see how regardless of persecution, separation, diversity in culture, and wavering faith, the people of the 
Jewish diaspora have managed to maintain a strong and unified Jewish identity.



HeartCast Co provides content planning, production & placement services to visionary entrepreneurs, nonprofits, musicians, actors, speakers, and luminaries. We specialize in connecting your passions to those who seek your message. Having shot mega-stars like Grammy Winner Andrea Bocelli, All-Defensive Team NBA-er Serge Ibaka, and Multimillionaire Real Estate Tycoon James “Jimmy” Goldstein, as well as charities & independent creators looking to level-up their content & brand reach, we understand how to get you there.

See clients engage with you in new and surprising ways.

We create content that's fun for fans and leave unsuspecting audiences with a new craving—you & your brand.

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Email D.A. Cooper at: heartcastco@gmail.com